ZANAE, the only bakery yeast production company in Greece! Closer to the Greek baker than anybody else.


 ZANAE LEAVEN is a totally NATURAL product consisting of living shank cultures that have been isolated from the natural environment and stabilized.

The living microorganisms contained in the natural
ZANAE leaven are totally known and controlled, a factor that ensures the stability of the leaven to be used.

The natural
ZANAE leaven is the "core" that, combined with flour, water and 18-24h maturation in a warm area supplies the necessary leaven quantity to be used.

The ready-for-use leaven presents all the aroma, taste and flow - related characteristics of the traditional leaven, with the difference lying in the fact that it does not risk to lose its vividness or to be superinfected like the traditional ones.


With the natural ZANAE leaven your bakery products acquire character!
Matchless taste, freshness, texture!